• When is the rent due?
    The rent is due on the first day of each month. Rents that are received after the first are subject to a 5% late fee. All Rent Payments should be made payable to the building entity and mailed to our office at 1374 1st Ave. Suite 1A. NY, NY 10021. If you have any questions about rent payments, please contact the office.
  • What should I do if I don’t receive my rent bill for the month?
    Please note that rent bills are for convenience only. You are obligated to pay your rent on time regardless.
  • How do the apartment door locks work?
    Upon moving in, you will be provided with a set of keys. However, it will be your responsibility during the duration of your tenancy to make copies of your keys. If your keys are lost you are responsible to contact and pay for a locksmith as we do not have any copies of your keys.
  • Can I install an air conditioning unit in my apartment?
    If you install an air conditioning unit, you must have it installed by a licensed professional with valid insurance. You must have the professional name the building entity as additionally insured. You may not install an air conditioning unit in any window that leads out to a fire escape. It is also prohibited to place or store anything on any fire escape or in any public space/corridors.
  • Can I decorate my apartment?
    Yes, you may decorate your apartment but you must return the apartment in the same condition and style that it was rented to you. Any costs to restore the apartment upon your departure will be deducted from your security deposit.
  • Whose responsibility is it to maintain the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarms in my apartment?
    Management is responsible to provide a working smoke and CO2 alarm. However, it is the tenant’s responsibility to change the batteries and to ensure that they are both in good working condition. If they are not please contact the superintendent or management office. If super does not respond, please contact us in writing.
  • What utilities are included in the rent?
    The only utilities included are heat and hot water. Any and all other utilities / services are the sole responsibility of the tenant.
  • Do I need window guards?
    Window guards are required if there are any children 10 years or younger in the apartment. They cost $15.00 each and will be installed by our staff.
  • Do you allow pets?
    We only permit cats and dogs under 25 pounds, non aggressive and quiet. We also require proper insurance for any pet.
  • Where does the garbage go?
    Any refuse is to be placed in the building’s refuse area. You must separate the recyclables from the garbage. Any fines received due to tenant’s failure to comply will be billed to the tenant plus administrative fees.
  • Can I extend my lease?
    Lease renewals will be offered 3-4 months in advance. If you plan to leave your apartment, please notify us 2 months in advance, in an ‘intent to vacate letter’. Prior to leaving, you must allow reasonable access to brokers to show the apartment. We will inspect your apartment before your leave and after you leave.
  • Can I break my lease?
    You are responsible for the full term of the lease. Please contact the office directly to discuss the breaking of the lease / options you may have.
  • When do I get my security deposit back?
    Providing that your account is in good standing, there are no arrears or amounts due and the apartment is returned in the condition that you rented it in, your deposit will be mailed to your new address. Please provide your new mailing address in your ‘intent to vacate’ letter. THE SECURITY DEPOSIT CANNOT BE USED TO PAY THE LAST MONTH’S RENT. You must provide us with all copies of keys, including front door and mailbox keys prior to vacating. If you fail to do so, we will call a locksmith and you will be responsible for these costs.